I am very short tempered  person. I have been trying hard to not get angry easily and be calm but its difficult. Moreover I have clear and loud voice so talking loudly comes easily for me. It is my strong as well as weak point. Strong since I don’t really require a mike and am able to present my point in a good way . However since I can talk loudly I can shout at someone in am angry state and usually my talking in loud voice upsets them. 

My nani ( my mom’s mom)   happened to notice this and told me something .  She said that more than the words the way they are spoken are more important.  The words don’t hurt as much the tone with which they are spoke do. Majority of the times when we feel sad about someone telling us something it is because of the tone or the style they are spoken in.  I had before never noticed this and it was nani who made me realise the importance  of speaking in a proper and non hurting anyone tone. 
Its very necessary to keep in mind while talking to person other than family and close friends or people who don’t know us well to use not only non offensive words but a non hurting tone. Our family and friends won’t mind since they know us and understand our situation . But others may not be that understanding. 

I have always been told that your knowledge will be of no use until and unless you know to talk about it in a proper and convincing way. Also you can make anyone help you by just speaking in polite tone. If you try to make someone understand something  by shouting and then by talking in a calm , relaxed and polite tone there are chances that by former way you may not get results but the latter is sure to give you results.  

So many fights happen due to use of improper tone. Usually we forget the words sometime after they are spoken but we still feel bad about the fight because we are unable to forget to tone with which we heard the words .     

So I suggest you to  try  saying things differently if you aren’t already ! 


17 thoughts on “Tone

  1. Agreed. I needed this post, I have a problem with my tone as well. So I hereby take an oath to be calm when in distress. Keep posting such articles.The world needs them badly and so do I! Thank you for reading my blog as well. 💗

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