Lessons from a pencil. 

I was sitting in a geography   lecture and was damn bored . I was playing with my pencil and thats when for the first time in my life I realated pencil to our life . And this is what I found out:

The outer design of pencil makes no difference in its functioning . Morever a good pencil is the one which has a good lead. Similarly in life it’s the thoughts and thinking which make you attractive and not your clothes and accessories. 

Evertime you write something and you want to change it you can immediately erase it. Likewise in our life also all of us can erase our small mistakes and start again.  

But don’t forget that what you write always leaves a mark. Similarly whatever we do  will leave  a mark or a scar.

The pencil has to go through the sharp blade of a sharpener to be of use otherwise it is useless.  Even we have to face the difficulties, challenges and bad days . They mould us and make us what we are. They help us to become useful. 

When we sharpen a pencil it becomes short and we are left with waste pencil sharpenings . But even those can be used for decorating our books or anything else.  The point is  from any bad situation you can always find good . You just need to be optimistic and look at the situation from a bigger and different point of view. 

The pencil after using for quite a good time becomes short. After that we cannot use it.  Exactly like pencil everything in life has a validity after which the fun,  joy  of that thing expires.  So just go with flow till the things last. 




26 thoughts on “Lessons from a pencil. 

  1. Great metaphor comparing a pencil to life. Even though you were in a geography lecture, your English teacher is singing high praises of your work and this intellectual comparison. Love it!

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