Being alone v/s lonely


The dictionary meaning of being alone is having no one else present; on ones own and that  of lonely is sad because one has no friend.

I  have observed this with many people that they often don’t understand the difference between these words and use them synonymously . There are days when I am quiet and don’t talk much and am by myself and people misinterpret it. They think that I need company  and come and advise me not be “lonely”. But they completely fail to understand that sometimes being alone is the solutions to all the problem.

To be alone doesn’t mean that I have  no friends and I  am sad . You can be alone yet have friends how will be  there for you at any point of time.  I believe it is healthy to be alone but highly dangerous to be lonely. Even  I had not noticed this but recently I have accepted the fact that I don’t need people around me all the time. I love being in company of my friends, spending time with them, living the feeling of belonging , being a part of a group and gang but I ont want to lose MYSELF  in all this.I had become that I had started personal choices and preferences while trying to fit in a group.





Its extremely important to spend time with yourself. Know your own thoughts and feelings.After a  long and busy day there is nothing as good as being calm and alone for 10 minutes to introspect. Moreover being alone with yourself is the first step to being comfortable with others. Until you know WHO  YOU ARE you wont be able to know what kind people are there around you.



So try to talk to your SELF  and you will find another YOU   you might have never know.



12 thoughts on “Being alone v/s lonely

  1. Yeah, I totally agree with this post of yours. The joy that we get after discovering ourself just cannot be described .☺ Good one👍.Looking forward for more such posts.

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