I am currently studying a lot .  But why? Because I like studying ? Definitely not but I know one thing for sure that to complete my special wishes this is the fastest way. They say keep working without the desire of result or success but I believe the desire for success is what drives you . The thought about what your life can be after completing or accomplishing a certain target motivates us . And we work even harder towards to just to reach the place we TRULY want to be.


Everyone of us have a special wish we want to fulfill. However intangible and  impractical it may seem  to the world a tiny part of our heart always wants to fulfil it and we secretly make efforts towards it.

I have a big bucket list. I take a look at it daily and tell myself  “If you want to do all of this you can’t give up. Just imagine about all these things.”  And after having  a look at it I am again determined to work even harder . Whenever I think THIS IS IT.I cant do it anymore my bucket list comes in front of my eyes and I am again convinced that if I continue I will, at the end be able to get what  I want . There is always some force which drives us to do something. My driving force is my BUCKET LIST. Find out what is your driving force and you will find your  reason to live .




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