I have recently observed this in myself that I have started getting annoyed and angry very easily. It doesn’t even take me fraction of second before reacting to a particular action. And my actions sometimes hurt. The thing is I study for 12 to  14 hours a day so when I am home after a long day I am really tired and frustrated and then I get irritated very easily. Even  if sometimes my brother asks me about my day I tell him to mind his own business. And a minute later do I realise that he was just enquiring about my day and I shouted at him unnecessarily. But my big ego doesn’t  often allow me to say sorry. The same happens when I talk with my friends  or someone else.

So I thought I can not just hurt because of my short temper nature which has become even shorter.I just made a note of things  to do and not to do when I am not in a  good mood and angry so that I don’t end up upsetting people around me.

  1. DONT TALK for a couple of minutes. –  When you know you are prone to offend people with your words don’t let them come out of our mouth. The wounds made by words rarely heal.
  2. START COUNTING FROM 100 TO 1 (  reverse order)  – Trust me this helps to distract you and calms you. At least this works with me.
  3. SIT DOWN, THINK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. Most of the times we get irritated as we don’t asses the situation completely. so sit and think.
  4. MUSIC– Music is cure for everything. Listen to your favourite song or a song which relaxes  and calms you.
  5. DANCING – When your anger is out of control just put on some song with amazing beats and dance . Let it just flow….
  6. CLEAN YOUR ROOM – Yes I do that. when I am in no  mood of taking I just shut the door of my room and start clearing the mess .I clear the mess of my room as well as mind.
  7. PUT YOUR WALKING SHOES – Just wear your shoes and go for walk or a jog in a park or a garden. This  will  certainly help you to de clutter your mind.
  8. PEN IT DOWN – write what comes to your mind at that point of mind. just spill  it all on the paper. Read it later and you will realise what went wrong to annoy you. This way you will be able to know you emotions better.
  9. READ – Read anything a magazine, novel or your  favourite  part of the book just to keep your mind off those THOUGHTS which upset you.
  10. SLEEP– This  is when you are really mad at something. Just give your mind a break from those thoughts.

Lastly the most important thing say SORRY when you have hurt someone sentiments unintentionally and assure them that you wont repeat you mistakes again and keep your words.

So this is what I do most of the times to cool myself. Maybe some  of these might help you. pease to let me know what you guys do to control your anger in the comments below. Maybe they are of some use to me.


PS: My blog reached 125 views. I know its very very very very … less compared to others  but it just makes me happy that my blogs been viewed  125 times when I was expecting no one to read it . . Thanks to all..


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