Till the time I was in 6th grade i was complete introvert and lived my life according to people around me and their wimps and fancies . I was always good at academics  but I was not someone who could stand up in the  class and take charge of it if needed. I was good at following. But then in 7th grade I dint know what my class teacher saw in me she nominated me for the being  a part of school council. I wasn’t sure how to take it since it was least expected and I didn’t know how to take it. When I come home I told my family about this and even they were surprised . i thought that my friends were way better than me and I don’t hold a chance against them. My parents told me that I should make the best of the opportunity at hand and give my conformation  for the following rounds.

That night before going to sleep I was thinking about the same thing and then recap of my past 12 years flashed before me and i remembered those times when I wanted to do something be a part of some event but I did not participate as I didn’t think I was capable or in the fear of what people would think. how my family would react and what my friends will tell me. but that night i realised that i love to take charge of things to manage but  it’s JUST THAT I DONT DO IT. and that was the night i decided i will submit my name for the further rounds. in the following round i had to give  a five-minute speech on a topic. i always loved to write and so I had written my speech which i think was pretty good but then i was stuck  at the speaking part but by family helped me and i cleared that round and the next one also and i became a part of the council and that to captain of  my house. I was really happy that  I  had achieved it.

That following year I took my oath and was sworn as the captain. that year I learned a lot how to talk in public . I went on to become a good speaker, started hosting and anchoring most of the school programmes , taking part in plays and dance . My confidence reached from to zero to infinity. but was family and friend helped me remain down to earth. I started doing things i liked and was really happy. In further years of my schooling i went to become the assistant head girl and was awarded the most popular girl of the batch award on my farewell  I  am someone who can talk to people with confidence and make a good impression on them .

So the reason behind telling you my story is that all of us have something in us which we need to find out and make best of it. We need to give ourself that one chance to do what we really want to . We need to at some point just stop listening to people and do what our heart desires. you never know what it might lead  you  to. It may change your life completely or maybe make no difference what definitely giving yourself that one chance is worth . Lets just unmask the image we have created of  ourselves in our own life. yukti

keep finding yourself till then,


PS: pardon my punctuation errors


7 thoughts on “FINDING MYSELF…

  1. I agree with you. I too sort of found myself in 7th grade. But then lost me again. And now after a lot of effort, i found me again for good n i am never loosing myself again.

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  2. Woow girl good going…. Maybe there is nothing more important than self love… Love yourself and be yourself there’s no one better…. So good going girl… I can understand as i m in 8th so yes keep it up😉❤❤❤

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