Well all of us have to make choices in our life . Some are big and some are small.  Some don’t quite affect our future some unknowingly can have an enormous effect on our life , some are made in few second while some take nearly days . Our life gives us uncountable opportunities and equal number of chances to make the choice of grabbing the opportunity or letting it go.

When I was in 10th grade everyone around me was questing me about  what have I thought about choosing my stream for 11th standard and I  about my future . Around that time my dad told me some big life secrets .He said ” Life has tons of opportunity for store in us but there are few special , big and life changing ones. You have extreme control over these and it is yours and only yours decision , choice and wish that will prevail since it is your life. The first choice you have to make is when you finish your 10 th grade, the basic schooling, of choosing  your subjects for the next two years. If you study for these two years your life becomes simpler and you reduce the time of flight that  you will require to fly high in life . If you study and get into good university after two years of hard work your  life will be all SET. But if you don’t make the correct choice and just pass your time doing nothing even then its okay… you should then at least work hard and do  well in your graduation days and if you don’t do that then you  again have an opportunity of again making  , maybe a  better choice than any other you have made in your past and erase the your past mistakes at your post graduation or at your job  or ….. and the list goes on…..With every wrong decision you take you miss out on few seconds which turn to minutes and  hours and days and months and years to decades.  And then you start regretting everything you have done in your life and that will be the biggest mistake of your life and the worst  gift you can give your parents. so just keep this in  mind before taking any of your decision.”

He told me things which he thought he ought as a parent but  I believe to be told at sixteen to make a choice which decides my entire future is extremely ridiculous. How am I suppose to know what is the profession that will hold my interest in the long run when today  a particular topic can’t hold me for more than 15 days maximum!!! I am someone  who loves to get her hands on every job and activity coming my way. I like change and love to experience different feelings , adventures(though i am not too adventures).

They say some decision made at sixteen can turn out to be your best decisions while some taken even when you have experienced life at 40 are dissasterous.i believe it’s just that you have to go with the flow and choose what makes YOU happy and not some one else….i only hope i make the best choices in my life which are not made in hurry , anger or someones influence.





7 thoughts on “THE CHOICES

  1. I agree JEEGIRL… I now regret choosing the stream of profession i did… I want to do something completely opposite… But i guess its okay… No one born can make all the best choices… U sometimes do make some wrong decisions but i believe that then you should keep that regret aside and accept it and do what u are to ur best!!

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  2. I agree JEEGIRL… I regret choosing the stream of profession i did… I now realize i wanna do something completely opposite. But i guess its okay… No one born can make all the best decisions… Sometimes u make bad ones too… But i believe that u keep that regret aside, accept ur decision and do ur best in the reality… I wish u all the best girl!!


  3. Im about to finish plus two in a few months and it seems like only yesterday that my dad was telling me these things! I chose commerce and Im very happy with it. I intend to go for Eng literature next year. I hope you’ll find a course and career you love!

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