I have recently observed this in myself that I have started getting annoyed and angry very easily. It doesn't even take me fraction of second before reacting to a particular action. And my actions sometimes hurt. The thing is I study for 12 to  14 hours a day so when I am home after a … Continue reading ANGER



Till the time I was in 6th grade i was complete introvert and lived my life according to people around me and their wimps and fancies . I was always good at academics  but I was not someone who could stand up in the  class and take charge of it if needed. I was good at following. … Continue reading FINDING MYSELF…


Well all of us have to make choices in our life . Some are big and some are small.  Some don't quite affect our future some unknowingly can have an enormous effect on our life , some are made in few second while some take nearly days . Our life gives us uncountable opportunities and … Continue reading THE CHOICES