What I missed….

Never had I thought I would not be as close as I was then with my school friends. I was so used to having them around me till 10th grade. We all promised to be regularly in touch with each other when school ended since we knew no other way to survive in this world. … Continue reading What I missed….


I am back!!!

It's been nearly a year since I last posted and it feels so good to finally start writing again. Between studies and tests and career decisions to make I just phased out of wordpress but always wanting to be back.. Past two years have the most hectic, tiring, busy (everything) of my life . I … Continue reading I am back!!!


 The best type of people you could possibly have in your life are the ones  who really listen you,  your thoughts , different and crazy theories , your complaints. I was fortunate enough to have had  so many such people.  But ever since school finished and everyone got busy in their own schedule- college, classes , … Continue reading People


 I am very short tempered  person. I have been trying hard to not get angry easily and be calm but its difficult. Moreover I have clear and loud voice so talking loudly comes easily for me. It is my strong as well as weak point. Strong since I don't really require a mike and am … Continue reading Tone


I have recently observed this in myself that I have started getting annoyed and angry very easily. It doesn't even take me fraction of second before reacting to a particular action. And my actions sometimes hurt. The thing is I study for 12 to  14 hours a day so when I am home after a … Continue reading ANGER